Why Chopta Chandrashila is the best snow trek for beginners?

Why Chopta Chandrashila is the best snow trek for beginners?

Chopta is one of the stunning view locations in Uttarakhand which attracts visitors to its natural reflection and spectacular snow peak, bugyals, velvety meadows, and pristine snow-capped peaks. It is a picturesque burg of natural heaven which is famous as “Mini Switzerland.”

Travelers are keen to live their life with nature and usually utilize flora and fauna. Often, they makes plan to enjoy snow trekking. Chopta Chandreshilla is the best snow trek for everyone who is a newcomer to this glimpse place. This trek is generally covered with snow during the winter session and you would feel chilling cold with narrow ways.

Enlive trip offer one of the best tourist destination services for winter trekking in India with peak adventure and take you through meadows, deodar forest, and the holy shrine of distinct temples. Chopta Chandrashila and Chopta tungnath Trek in the Uttarakhand region is a great choice for beginners. This is a considerable trek for people looking to experience trekking in snow. The Chopta trek is a selective place that provides an essence of the bizarre.


Chopta Tungnath trek 

Chopta Tungnath trek is a popular trek located in the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. This is an attractive trek route that starts from Chopta and involves easy to medium-grade trekking with narrowing ways. The trek route passes through enchanting meadows and culminates at the 1000-year-old Shiva temple at Tungnath.

The maximum altitude of the trek is 12,100 feet and the total trek distance is around 6.5 km. Along the way, one can also experience views of the Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi, Trisul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch, and Chaukhamba. The trek can be completed in 3 days, but 5 and 6 days itineraries are also available. That will memorize your moment with the ecosystem and cordillera.

You can also relish your time by moving to Panch Kedar, the five most sacred Shiva temples in the state. The Chopta-Tungnath trek is considered a beautiful journey of your life. Enlive trip offers various trekking tour packages to make your weekend unforgettable. 

The trekking path to Chopta begins with being surrounded by many dhabas and guest houses. The trekking trail is well-marked and is properly paved to Tungnath. Visitors are welcomed by the trees on their trekking spot. The endless array of snow-capped peaks can be seen on the left side. The entire trek from Chopta to Tungnath and Chandrashila is fairly easy and Enlive trip provides the services of a guide who can easily aware you about this place during trek.

Gorgeous meadows appear around 45 minutes after the start of the trek and may make the best camping spot on the entire trail. There are 3-4 dhabas here that provide tea, coffee, food, and packaged eatables. The dhabas also double up as basic shelters at night. These dhabas may also prove useful in case of an emergency or accident when they somehow need help.


How to reach 

It is easy for you to reach and get a moment to enjoy one of the best snow treks in India from September to February. While this location encircling over the year for travellers. Chopta is a small but picturesque tourist location, a popular weekend destination. You can memorize the weekend holiday to start your journey from Delhi because Delhi is connected to all parts of India and even to the international ways also. 

To simplify the reaching part, let me explain easily how your journey will start and end with perfect input. You can start your route from Delhi to Chopta via Haridwar.

There are regular buses from ISBT Kashmere Gate & Anand Vihar ISBT by using this you can reach Haridwar. It will take around 5 to 6 hours to cover the distance. Normally, three kinds of buses are active in this route from Delhi to Haridwar; normal buses are easily accessible in less faire, Janrath buses (AC), and Volvo buses (AC). It is recommended to take in morning bus so that you reach the Haridwar bus stand at around 4 am.

After reaching Haridwar at 4 or 5 in the morning, there may be quite a confusion concerning buses for Kund at the bus stand. In the absence of a proper information channel, no one will deny the availability of a bus, nor will anyone tell you where and how it goes from. Afterward, you can easily go with GMOU stands and then get another bus for kund because Kund is the point at which the road bifurcates.

Buses are available at various time to reach Kund from Haridwar. Once you reach Kund, share cabs or taxies for Ukhimath at comfortable prices and thereafter from Ukhimath to Chopta for around 50 rs. You can reach Chopta by 2-3 pm with a shared transport, depending on your luck. Chopta is located on the Ukhimath to Gopeshwar route; During this beautiful yatra, you will get natural scenic and stunning views around your way. Enlive trip helps your way to become adorable by providing distinct transportation service packages. 


Best trek for beginners

You would enjoy the weather with light wind snow-flakes, and shortcuts are even more exciting. Sliding in the snow, the trail will be scenic and reach Chopta tungnath trek in less time. The overall experience would be amazing for you because it will pave your natural scenic view.

With snowfall, bright sunshine and an easier way. It is one of the easiest climbing expeditions that can be has in the Himalayas and hence is an ideal place for beginners. Chopta Tungnath trek will reflect snow fall and capture amazing images of flora and fauna along the way. Spiritual places offer a considerable view of the high-top of the Himalayas.

Major peak of Himalayan surrounds the area. Chandrashila peak gives an exciting view and can only be reach by trekkers using snow kits.

Planning your trek


Once you decide to reach that place then start planning your trek. After reaching Chopta, Time taken to trek to Tungnath Temple from Chopta is usually 3 hours for an average person and another one hour for Tungnath to Chandrashila. It can be classified as a fairly easy trek and best snow trek on the difficulty level and can be ideal for a first-time trekker. 


Generally, people stay at Chopta for a day hike to Tungnath and Chandrashila Chopta to tungnath trek. It is possible to do it provided one leave early. It is best to reach Tungnath to pay your respects at the temple and enjoy the scenery. Enlive trip retain your trip with snow gale, Himalayan essence, flora and fauna.