Best places to visit in Chakrata  - Enlivetrips

Best places to visit in Chakrata  - Enlivetrips

Relishing the way and keep relaxing your mind making such an astonishing journey in the lap of the Himalayas, offers a stunning outlook of the essence. Imagine when you will be in the mid of the cordillera, bumpy valley, trophic forest, flora and fauna and getting experience of natural beauty. It will give you unforgettable memories with buckets of sighting in culture. Natural characters attract the limb of the Spectators. Open litigants, foggy rocks and blowing snow-capped wind captivate an internal soul and speculate a resilience structure and habitats. Tourism is the best way to know and get involved in vibrant cultures and traditions. It gives you an eclectic interest to enjoy a free and better life, to know tribes and the reality of breath-taking sightings. Tourists are popularly preferred to visit places near mountains, and Enlivetrips offers the best way to visit one of the best spots in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti valley tour keeps a splendid glance in front of the spectators, which is eye-catching and manifest an opulence vibe for endeavour in your trekking journey.

Spiti Valley is a high-altitude desert valley located in the Himalayan mountains of state of Himachal Pradesh. This valley is known for its remote, rugged terrain, ancient monasteries, and unique culture. It Is also popular for adventure tourism, including trekking and mountaineering. It is a beautiful site that demonstrates a stunning landscape and traditional identities. Tourist can enjoy and relish themselves with astonishing circumstances and exploring the region's natural beauty, greenery meadows, and unique hills. The majestic cold valley is replete with pine forests, and inhabited villages that will leave you in awe-stuck. Spiti Valley is situated at an altitude of around 12000 ft. Above  sea level. A scenery of tiny villages over here under the shadow of huge mountains. This one is the best place far away from the crowded land, overt peaceful and delighting output.

Activities in Spiti Valley

When you are planning to venture this place renowned as “Little Tibet” popular for it sighting of snow cover in the mountain then you must reckon about Spiti valley tour. It is a paradise on the earth that offer a heaven look to visitors. Spiti valley is an appealing point and an aesthetic gem which surprize for you at any time. Visitors can choose Spiti valley from Delhi in their holidays or weekend trips to trek and spend their time. There are various activities this spot offers for people in this elongated valley that cater to people of all interest and age.

-           Spiti Valley is known for its ancient Buddhist monasteries, such as Key Monastery, NAKO Monastery, Tabo Monastery, and Dhankar Monastery. These monasteries are an attraction point for foreigner and domestic spectators. 

-           Spiti valley tour is encircled by high peaks and offers several trekking options, including the Pin Parvati Pass and the Spiti to Ladakh trek and glimpse of KINNER KAILASH PEAK.

-           The region is home to rare species such as the snow leopard, Himalayan wolf, and ibex, and offers opportunities for wildlife watching. Spiti valley is an eminent core for those who keen love ecology landscape.

-           Spiti valley tour consists a great place for stargazing due to its clear skies and top reaching proof. Visitors alive here with an explicit atmosphere and they will be able to take breath in open air.

-           Tourist will be involved in splendid an introversive culture and experience the unique way of tribal’s traditions of the Spiti Valley by staying in camps, participating in local festivals, and trying local cuisine.

-           Visitors can explore the rugged terrain of the valley through jeep safaris and enjoy the beautiful vistas of the landscape in Spiti. The region also offers some of the best cycling routes with scenic beauty and adventurous terrain.

Place to visit in Spiti valley

Enlivetrips offer a diligent opportunity to visit Spiti valley from Delhi. There are various places in this remote region where people can spend their time in yearly holidays, weekends, and others. We have eight days, a very specific Spiti tour packages. In that, we will reach at Shimla to Chitkul/Sangla, Kalpa, Nako, Khab, Kaza, and some sighting spot like Komic, Hikkim (highest post office in the world), and Langza.

Tourist can reach Spiti Valley by getting our Spiti tour packages from Delhi. We offer transportation including various steps;

-           From Delhi to Spiti valley tour package we provide bus services only to Shimla (from both sides) then Tempo from Shimla to nearby areas.

-           Visitors would get see an outstanding scenery outside the bus during this journey.

-           We provide accommodation on sharing basis as per requirements and spots.

-           Delhi to Spiti valley trip adventure will not going to forget ever in your life

-           During this journey you will get different passes or underpasses.

-           On last we return to Shimla and then from there we will back to Delhi by bus.

After reaching this amazing location you will realize that how nature and Himalayas beauty is mesmerising and it makes you alive. But whenever you are going to visit Spiti valley, firstly you need to plan in advance that when and for which month you are planning. Because this place gives distinct glance of nature in every season. But across the year, people intend to visit with an elegant intentions. However, due to the remote location and harsh weather conditions, it is important to plan and prepare well for a Spiti tour.

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is during the summer months, from May to September. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the roads are open, making it easy to explore the region. The temperatures during the day are usually between 15-20°C and can drop to 5-10°C at night. At the night, you will realise and relish a glittering star in the sky. That will create happiness on your face.

Although winter season is also attractive for the people because mount peak is covered in snow, but most of the roads and passes are closed. Even for those interested in daring adventure winter sports or looking to experience the chilly conditions, the months of November to February are suitable. You can ski here during these months.

Enlivetrips help you always as per what you are wanting. We care about tourists are travellers and providing one of the best Spiti valley tour packages at general price that is suitable for everyone. Our services are open for all age groups including families’ members, friends, groups, students, and solo as well. We have a guide who will always with you during this whole journey and help you out to know the hidden truth, information, and history of these places. In our packages, Breakfast, Dinner, mechanical supports, First Aid Kit, Infrared thermometer, and oximeter are together active things that is needful in this journey.

What you will get in Spiti Valley

-           Relive bumpy meadows, heart-taking road, and charming peak scenery

-           Bucket-load of memories and astonishing glance, ropeways, and bridge

-           The range of cordillera and historical origin

-           World highest Motorable village 

-           Capture images, art, and architecture from Delhi to Spiti valley

Make a plan this year for Spiti valley tour and enjoy a beauty of soft and hidden sunrise behind the mountains. Get involved to listen music and bonfire in the campsite. Mustered uncountable memories and live yourself with nature.